100 visitors – the seed is taking shape!

In just under 2 weeks and 3 blog posts, of which 1 was not a mere update, the blog has rounded the 100 visitor-mark. Might not be a big milestone for many, but it was one I set for myself when I started the blog. Now; I love data, and even if I do not have the largest pool of data available, I thought it’d be interesting to show how 100 visitors have used this blog so far. As well as which traffic types that have worked for me, and where the visitors come from.

100 unique users or users on multiple devices.

In my daily work with clients, I endorse transparency in our relationship. This is the reason why I want to build the same relationship with you fine people visiting this blog. I simply want to share.

Enough about that – let’s take a look at the data!

Visitors and views

Visitors and views per day.

First of is a look at visitors and views by day since the launch of the blog October 31st. The lighter blue and orange colors reflect the views, where the darker colors reflect visitors. What I particularly like seeing is how new visitors are continuously finding the blog, while many visitors are returning to the site, sending more page views. Also, there was a really great reaction to the newest blog post “The Blind Spot of Google Analytics” that got launched late Saturday, November 11th.

The top traffic drivers

Top referrers driving traffic to the blog.

Looking at the top referrers it is clear how I am mainly using my LinkedIn to drive traffic. Please hit me up if we are not yet connected on there! On the first post I, more or less, mistakenly shared the blog post automatically on Facebook. It gave some fast views for the short duration it was up – this might be an opportunity I should seek more? For now, I think I’ll stick to the more professional environment that is LinkedIn and Twitter.

The nationalities stopping by

8 different nationalities have seen the blog.

About 92% of all views come from Denmark, which is not a big surprise to me seeing how this is where my main network is located. I am really happy, however, that the blog is seen outside of Denmark too!

Most popular posts and pages


Most viewed posts and pages on the blog.


The latest blog post “The Blind Spot of Google Analytics” has so far generated the most views, after having just been online for 2 days. This was the first, well, propper post regarding web analytics and user research on the blog – I am so happy that it seems to have been well-received.

It would help me out greatly if you would throw some feedback in the comments of the posts. This will help me improve in this new, for me, field of blogging.

I did not plan to post this blog, I just saw that 100 visitors had been by my blog and wanted to show some gratitude. In my data-based way.

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